Reikes small life...

By Reike

Not the greatest day for all of us

What a day! At 5:30am Djeili woke us up, she had been ill. Pee, vomit and liquid poo everywhere... Poor little girl! 
She was still in a good mood today, jumping around and playing, so we hope that after a day of fasting she will be alright, but she has to go on the hypoallergenic food again, she will not like that. 

We went climbing and tied her up on a long lead, she didn't like that at all, too. She wants to be on the go all the time, so there was a lot of ignored whining. You can see her "I hate climbing." face in the extra. 
For us climbing was fun though, even when I had sprained my left middle toe the night before, walking against my bed. Ouch. 

On the way down it started to rain and Philipp slipped and stumbled. Seemed not so big a problem, but later suddenly his leg started hurting a lot until he couldn't really walk anymore. Off to the emergency room. Out with crutches. It is a rupture of a muscle fibre in the calf. Doh. 

Well, no hiking together tomorrow. At least we bought wood for heating up the oven today, so we can have a cosy day (and see how Djeili does with being on food again). 

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