By dreaming


This afternoon I went to the theater with my brother-in-law Doug and saw a marvelous production of a recent play called The Royale.  Everything about it was beautifully done - the acting, the staging and choreography, and the play itself.  I haven't enjoyed a performance as much as this in a long time.  It is a fictionalized account of the early career of the turn-of-the-20th century black boxer, Jack Johnson, and his big opportunity to fight a white boxer, the heavyweight champion of the world, for the first time.  The play puts the events into the much wider and deeper context of the meaning and consequences of that bout.  I was so excited when we left the theater that I was practically dancing.

My sister, Doug and I have a season subscription to A Contemporary Theater (ACT), which presents fine productions of both established and new plays, some of which have gone on to Broadway.  The photo is of the entrance to the theater.  The extra is some photographs of the production.

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