Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas


october provides
deep doubts as to what to wear
between chill and warmth

Following a mail exchange with a fellow blippper who, like me, is finding it difficult to blip on the day he took his photos, I am going to force myself to embrace that (bad) habit. I just don't find the time at night to sort through my photos and choose one to blip, so I'll just let things go with the current flow of life and my blips will be a day late for the time being.

The photos will still be taken on the day I'll post them against, though, because it was the ethos of the community when I joined it and I still want it to be the case for me. This is in no way a criticism of fellow blippers who now choose to post photos from any day on a given date. I appreciate that they just use BlipFoto in a different way than me.

News a bit better on the parents' front, though it's still touchy and I think I'll go see them again on Saturday.

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