By ciorstain


Today Neil was leaving early in the morning. I had a quiet morning doing a few thing and tidying the place up a bit for my friends arrival in the afternoon.
I went for a wee walk getting some bread and stuff before I left for the airport in Edinburgh.
The weather was lovely.
Marcus arrived in time and we made our way back to Glasgow talking constantly. We have not seen each other for 8 years or so! 
He was my boyfriend when I was 19 for 3 years and it was a quite important time in both our lifes. 
Ever since we stayed friends and I was even witness for his marriage.
It was great to catch up and to spend time together. 
The Indian meal we went to was great and he enjoyed it a lot.
I think we talked until way after 4 am in the morning!

The blip is from my walk in the afternoon. Loved the colours of the trees and the monstrous building on the right is luckily almost invisible.

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