... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Jericho: Coughin' Robin

Spot the offending pellet in large.

There is a friendly robin in my garden! I only became aware of its friendliness on Sunday (when it flew in through the garden door and perched on the kitchen sink), and today it came over to say hello when I was out in the garden looking for a macro blip (I was stuck at home waiting for a UPS collection...). 
I was going to post the close-up shot that I took when it first appeared to take a look at me, but then it landed on a branch nearby and started chirruping, then coughing, and then coughed up this pellet. I knew that most/all birds could produce pellets (formed of any indigestible matter from the crop) but had never seen it in a robin before. It was probably formed mostly of insect exoskeletons... The robin seemed entirely untroubled by the experience, and continued to watch me afterwards.

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