hello : )

By 1DayataTime

I LOVE this time of year!

I had today off from work for Yom Kippur, as my employer has roots in Judaism and observes the Jewish holidays.

It was such a beautiful day and was a good day until I received a frustrating message from the bank from which I am trying to get a mortgage. I made the mistake of sending a message expressing how upset I was, but hopefully that will be water under the bridge.

I live outside Boston and the housing market is incredibly tight and quite overpriced. From June through Sept of this year I spent all time while not working - ok a few times I did look online while at work - looking for and at properties.

My first few offers to purchase property were not accepted, but eventually I had an offer accepted, but twice inspections on two different properties uncovered significant problems.

Of recent I had an offer accepted and a reasonable inspection after which I have moved onto the mortgage process. I am soooo worn out by this whole process, but I really need to remind myself that these are all good problems to have, as I am fortunate to be in a position where I can buy property.

I am just so nervous that I won't get a mortgage. If that happens I will regroup and figure out how to move forward.

On a more positive note I am approaching 6 months working at a great place.

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