By Third_eye

I found some more cats . . .

Well, didn't exactly just 'find' them because they were sitting looking at me all the time . . . .

I actually found them about 30 years ago in a small junk shop in rural Kent and bought them because they reminded me of the kind of cheap china ornaments that were popular in my childhood.

I know nothing about this piece, except that it is probably late Victorian, and the lady in the shop could only say that it had belonged to a very old villager who had had it 'for ever', and with no pottery marks on it there was no way of telling ... but I Iiked it and gladly handed over the small handful of silver she asked for it.

It would be interesting to know what the experts(?) on today's wall-to-wall tv antiques shows would say about it . . .

. . . "Stupid boy!" probably, but surely any form of art or kitsch is good value if it pleases somebody's eye, as this does mine.

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