Escape From Sector 7-G

By craigL

Lincoln Memorial

A dreary start to the day.
We found a great bookshop Kramerbooks, that was also a cafe.
Breakfast is my favourite meal when visiting the US and this place did not disappoint...even though the rain was hammering down outside.

There is plenty to do in DC on a rainy day, and we headed down to the national mall and visited the Smithsonian air and space museum and also the doughnut shaped Smithsonian Hirshhorn art museum and sculpture garden. (In the morning the cloud was so low that you could not see the top of the Washington Monument)

Despite the low cloud, it was very warm, so when there was a break in the weather later on, we headed over to see old Abe.

We grabbed a bite later on in the day in the very impressive Union Station (see extra)

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