Bötsle lake, just before the light faded

It's been a day of doing little jobs that have been waiting. Digging up dahlias, gathering the lights for the windows now it's getting so dark, finding the timers, collecting marbled papers to send off to a creative friend - and suchlike.

We took a short walk down to the lake, saw a red deer stag with massive antlers, took a lot of pictures of reflections and autumn colours, heard the geese flying overhead three times - they are getting ready for off. The water was almost still as the light faded.

I have been a little slow today, which is fine when there is no agenda. I listened to my body and took it very easy. Lots of washing is hanging up to dry in the cellar, there are fresh sheets on the bed and it is calling to me quite loudly despite it only being 7 o'clock.

Listened to most of the speech that Michelle Obama gave yesterday, she is an impressive speaker and obviously moved her audience. Including me. A voice of sanity and civility in a world of crude, harsh noises. She's on the side of the angels alright.

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