A rather large casting that is the hub for a wind turbine - bit that spins around with the blades attached to it. It was on the back of a low-loader, waiting to be transported from Inverness Marina, to the Bhlaraidh Wind Farm in Glen Moriston. Another couple of low-loaders were being used to transfer the gearbox, and the nacelle - the latter was huge, and will contain the generator and other bits, including the gearbox.

According to one of the labels, these will generate 3.3 Mega Watts, so fairly big ones. There are various other ships bring more parts this way, some for this wind farm, and probably other sites too. 

They'd only just cleared away the last of a batch of bits that had been here for several months. According to one of the gentlemen with the haulage company (from Campbeltown), the blades are already on-site, having been shipped to Kyle (of Lochalsh), and moved from there.

Glad it's the weekend.

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