Lou Lou's Lens

By LouserMac


So this is my 100th Blip. Let me explain! The combined age of my Mother, Father and dog is equal to 100! Great timing!

I planned this to be it the back garden so it would look much nicer and neater but my mum and dad disappeared to the hospital and by the time they came back the sun was gone from our back garden. :( So this will have to do!

Thank you all who have viewed my photos and commented! And a special thank to those who subscribed! You guys are totally awesome! It means a LOT! Thankies! ^.^

Day 44 of Blip Everyday in Summer!

Have a nice tomorrow! :)

*As you might see I wrote 100 on the paper before taking the picture but because I had only one minute to take it and it didn't show up I just thought I'd edit it in C: *

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