Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Cloud window

It's been a long time since I last walked on Arnside Marsh to look across the mudflats to Whitbarrow on the opposite side of the upper Kent estuary. There are forbidding signs saying that access is not allowed, and I've respected that throughout the bird breeding season as the coastal birds do have a hard time from all the disturbance from walkers and dogs. But it's too special a place to stay away from any longer.

The mudbanks and creeks have changed a lot since the last visit. In this entry, I hoped that the young lambs borne on the marsh would learn the tricks of the tides from their mothers. Well, today I saw a couple of the casualties out on the mudflats and marsh. And this link shows that their mothers are far from infallible too. But did you know that sheep can swim, and swim really well?

The nights are drawing in rapidly now, there wasn't a lot of time after work to do more than a little in the garden, make a meal and then go for a short walk.

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