Barney - day two

Poor little Barney was not happy last night - we settled him in his crate with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, and his toys, but he cried and cried and cried. We left him, although it was really hard not to give in and come down to him - the breeder said it was best to be tough. He even woke Charlotte up, she normally sleeps through most things. So it was a restless night.

Took Charlotte out on a shopping trip for a couple of hours as she is growing out of all her clothes. Barney stayed with hubby and they both caught up on some sleep.

He is getting much more mischievous today and exploring a bit more in the garden. Slippers and the rug in the lounge seem to be the favourites! 

Back to reality tomorrow, lets hope we get a bit more sleep tonight!

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