High Tide

I did try to go to work this morning ... After a relaxing day doing almost nothing yesterday, I felt reasonably okay when I got up ... My voice was still rough, but that was all ...
However, after about three hours rushing around, hefting laundry bags in an out the van and up and down stairs, I began to puff, pant, cough, splutter, gasp, sweat and generally feel rotten* again ... :o/
So I gave up before I collapsed ... and instead of mucking about, I paid a visit to the doctor ... He checked me over and came out with some fancy names that basically meant "chest infection", prescribed a concoction of pills and put me off work until Thursday ... :o( 
*(To be fair, I thought I was dying.)
I did, at least, between gasps, manage to take one quick shot of the harbour at high tide ... and just as the sun was rising ... (maybe not my best ever shot, but it was a bonus) ... :o)

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