Chester Zoo

Today we visited Chester Zoo.  Following our usual pattern we arrived as it opened, and left just as it closed - a day well spent!  We then drove through to the next hotel on our road trip.

To continue this week's animals theme, here's a red panda from Chester Zoo.  Silvery Gibbon with young in the extra.

Things we learned today:
* It takes ages for a camera to de-fog when you take it from a rainy Chester into the butterfly house.
* Red Panda seem to be really active when it's cool - last time we went in summer they were quite lethargic!
* The tiger enclosure on the new Island section of the zoo is much improved on the old one.
* The toll on the Birkenhead tunnel is £1.70 and there's a left turn before the end of the tunnel that we should have taken...signposts would have been nice!

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