By Beckett


well howdy!!!

Seems so long ago since doing a Blip!

But, the time has come to get back with all you wonderful Blippers after a far too long a gap with us moving to a new home. Whilst taking a pic on most days (which I will get to back Blip) the move whilst going smoothly has taken a fair bit of our effort and time. Sleeping real well!!!

The new home whilst about 30 minutes from our previous place, is set out in the "open spaces" a bit on a new development, and again nestled along the Hawkesbury River (extension of the mighty Nepean) and the Blue Mountains.

Have started to check out a few spots for pics, and seems I will not be disappointed! 

Today's shot also offered a "bonus"! Went about three minutes from home to get a sunset across one of the many dams seen here on Flickr. As I was finishing up, spotted a kingfisher darting around from the tree branch into the dam for some tucker. Although having the wide angle on cropped for my pic today to show the silhouette.

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE

... still maybe a bit till into full swing so apologies in advance if there is not much commenting.

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