Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

726. Frodo Baggins - AT69

We don't have any pets any more and our last wonderful pet was Frodo Baggins a beautiful black lab...we lost him in 2011 and he left a huge hole that cannot be filled......

As we don't have him any longer I took this photo of a painting that the Lovely Paula (Subjunctive) did of him for me for Christmas last year and it made me cry...tears of joy because she caught him so beautifully...(see the extra) and he is now forever remembered in his favourite room in the house, the kitchen where he constantly mooched for food and lots of hugs...both of which were freely given....

I processed this in Topaz Glow 2 and then converted it to mono as the blacks started to look a bit brown and he was definitely a black lab!

He answered to numerous names, Pongo, The Dug, Baggins, The Pup ( although my youngest son, Sam was often referred to as the Pup which did cause confusion...for both of them....), Smelly...and many more....he always seemed to know when we were talking about him and kept us entertained with the various tricks he would do for food...just about any sort of food but carrots became a favourite!

Sorry forgot to say thank you to youoregon1 for hosting....don't know how to do the link!

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