Free Range.....or Running Wild

(This is a back blip for Wednesday. )When we went for a ride in the country yesterday we saw a group of chickens along the road; I assume they belonged to the owner of the nearby farm house. I thought the colors of this one were especially pretty. I am not a big fan of chickens, but I think I would have chickens if I lived in the country so I could have fresh eggs. I wonder if the hawks would swoop down and get a big chicken like this. Probably not, but their chicks would be a tasty morsel. I wouldn't like that part of raising chickens. So, I will just admire the beauty of the birds as I wander the nearby country roads .  :-))
I got my first good night of sleep in quite awhile; I think I slept almost 8 hours last night......this is a rare occurrence and I wish I knew what I did right so that I could do it again. I am going to assume that every night from now on will be great! Positive thinking works, right? (By the way, I must have had a 48 hour bug because I feel great now.)
Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to comment whenever you have the time! Stay safe and happy out there wherever you are in this big beautiful world!

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