Crazy About Birds

By Kimb


To those of you who don't recognize one immediately, this is a Boston Terrier. Our Bugsy is 1/2 Boston Terrier (the other half is Pug). This particular Boston Terrier is a picture on a canvas tote bag that I lug around with me when I go to Live Arts on Thursdays. Being already somewhat abstract in nature a quick treatment with my latest favorite app, Paper Artist, was all that was required.

There were, however, several actual pet dogs in the office today - which is usually delightful, but got a bit out of hand today because two of the big ones were playing and there was barking. The extra is a rather tarted up picture of one of them - Dusty is his name. He's a young Pitbull, and he's just lovely. I had just given him a treat from the stash in my desk and he was hoping for more...

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