Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Old bottles

These fine old bottles in my window came from Sweden and my father’s parents.   I love them as they look well used…the glass on the one the right is sort of etched and unclear  The other bottle is uneven and has these lovely designs etched on it…. the letters (I think) are S.A.M.S. and the date 1869 on the side with the grapes.   On the other side it says Carl XV,( inside an etched plant bough) who was indeed king of Sweden in 1869 (and also of Norway.)  He was also called Charles Ludvig. And it says Pa Bedalitet…Pa means “at” or “on” in Swedish and Bedalitet is the name of the very small village near Kalmar, Sweden that H and I managed to find (with a picture of the house in hand) and where my father lived with his family before coming to NYC when he was 10 or 12.    This must have come from my Great grandfather’s time so I started to look for the family tree to find out if those are the initials to his name.   My Grandfather was Ludvig Swanson.   Alas, It’s the only branch of my 4 grandparents that I don’t seem to have.   It’s a shame but the thought of all the time (and money) one could spend on is daunting and I've never been that interested frankly……but now that it’s recorded on blip, perhaps I’ll just have to do a little research…….  

for the weekly challenge, “bottles”   

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