Today I went on a guided walk around Haberfield, an inner suburb of Sydney.
The garden suburb was established in 1901.
If interested you can read more here.

One of the places we visited was Yasmar, a Greek-Revival Georgian villa, , built on Parramatta Rd when Parramatta Rd was a fine place for a gentleman's villa, and not the carpark it is today.
Though listed, it has fallen into disrepair and we weren't allowed to go inside, as the floors are rotten.
It seems a classic tale of bureaucratic bungling, with no one able to agree on what should happen to it.
In the meantime it continues to deteriorate.
The once beautiful garden contains rare plants, and although the 'Friends of Yasmar' have organised to restore it, the state government says that inappropriate trees must be removed first, and they haven't done that.
It is sad.

We did visit one beautiful house where the owner had removed and reversed every brick.

I have added some of these houses in extras and you might be amused to know that the first is in a style called Domestic Gothic.

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