By Third_eye

Lady Luck ... again!

On the way home from photographing the massive offshore windfarm support operation in Lowestoft I was idly pointing my camera out of the not-very-clean train window when this small group of land based turbines came in sight.

I grabbed a shot just in case it might be worth printing, unaware that my kind neighbour who arranged the trip and came along to help me on and off the train had secretly snapped me with her 'phone . . . until an email with the unexpected image arrived two days later. Never able to resist a gift opportunity I stuck the two pictures together.

My extra today: The orignal images, which were merged manually using the clone tool in 

Lady Luck had again come to my rescue, adding to the pleasures of an already successful day, and as there are two photos here by different photographers I felt compelled to give the combined image a double copyright tag.

Thank you Jan, for your great support!

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