Meet Carlo

He's the brother of Fern.

When you have two Italian plumbers in your house the urge to nickname them Mario and Luigi is somewhat over powering.

They arrived at the house at 09:00 this morning, five minutes before me and Fern and I left at 21:45. That's what I call a long day.

They have worked remarkably hard installing all the radiators so we can now officially say we have central heating and hot running water. The first test of the whole system went well with mega heat being given off, touch wood there was only one little leak which had to be fixed and considering the amount of pipe work and joints throughout the house is pretty impressive. Fern soon fixed the tiny joint so hopefully tomorrow he can finish off with a flush and few minor adjustments to the system.

Pretty gutted the day was so long as I was meant to be going out for a few drinks for my mates birthday. I'll make it up when I am in the moved in house.

A tired but relieved 

Mr Bo Hingles

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