Er Cof

Er Cof ~ In Memoriam ~ In Memory

(Mae fy nghamera yn gallu tynnu amlygiadau dwbl.  Dydy e ddim yn soffistigedig.  Rhaid i chi dynnu un llun ac yna, rhaid i chi edrych o gwmpas i ffeindio llun arall... Fel arbrawf tynnais i lun o'r Cofadail yng Ngherddi Alexandra. Roedd hen ┼Ár bonheddig yn eistedd ger y Cofadail, felly tynnais i'r ail lun ohono fe.  Galwais i'r cyfansoddiad cyfan 'Er Cof').

(My camera can take double exposures. It is not sophisticated. You have to take a picture and then, you have to look around for another picture... As an experiment I took a picture of the Cenotaph in Alexandra Gardens. There was an old gentleman sitting near the Cenotaph, so I took the second picture of him. I called the whole composition 'In Memory').

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