Learning day by day

By EmmaF


The planned trip to the zoo did not materialise, due to behave of a small person. So one child completed (nearly) her homework, the other did lots of whining, then produced some beautiful handwriting homework and did his violin with good humour. I managed a short run, second in two days, haven't died yet.

Will then did Lego all afternoon. C and I went into town. Had her feet measured, already heading towards needing new shoes after only seven weeks. Returned a parcel, bought some teacher Christmas presents and a birthday card or two for later in the week.

I then treated her to an ice cream from Fabio's to make up for missing out on the zoo. She chose Dead Bear flavour! All flavours had a Halloween feel, this one had haribo bears on it and was very sweet. Anyway she told me it more than made up for the Zoo.

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