According to the internet, Mother's grandparents got married in 1899 in the most magnificent church of St Mary the Virgin in Minster-in-Thanet  - the "cathedral on the marshes". Having visited it I am wondering how on earth they travelled there because it is in the middle of Thanet,  5 miles from  where they lived,  in the days of horses and carts. There is a more humble St Mary the Virgin chapel in St Lawrence- in-Thanet  - round the corner from great granny's home.    I will have to send off for a copy of the marriage certificate to be sure.   Despite the uncertainty, Mother and I enjoyed exploring the church (see extras including a 750 year old stained glass window that escaped being smashed by Oliver Cromwell and his followers because it was so high up) and having lunch in the Minster Abbey in tea rooms.
Post script- I find I have a CD from the Kent Family History Society that lists marriages in the church in Minster- and sure enough my great grandparents are listed.  It must have been a wonderful occasion to be married in this magnificent building and I wil never know how they managed the 5 miles to Minster. 

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