I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Daytime View

We had a great dinner last night at the Stratosphere. I had thought that a picture of the city last night might be my blip today. (see extra) I had to report for jury duty today and being on the 14th floor of the county court house, looking at the Stratosphere, I thought what a night and day difference!

They have several thrill rides located two floor above the restaurant. One   is called the SkyJump. It is a bungee jump from the 108th floor. There are signs that say, "SkyJumpers may fly by during dinner. Feel free to wave." We saw at least five go by while we dined and then went up to see one being suited up and jump. The cost for this insanity is $120. It takes all kinds to make up this crazy world!

I was not selected for the jury, but had to sit all day through the selection process. It was a criminal case involving a stolen vehicle, drugs, and credit and identity cards not belonging to the defendant. I will have to watch the paper to see how this one came out. I think I would have enjoyed sitting on this jury or maybe I have been watching too many detective shows!

I am grateful to see a little slice of our justice system at work.

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