By Leiflife

A Season of Transition

Butterflies feast on pungent blooms as I yield myself to a season of transition. Last week I yielded to yet another injection in hopes that this one would bring some relief from sciatic nerve pain. It has. But I still feel the need for caution, for mindful attention to the body's messages of restlessness and discomfort. I want to learn new habits. I have begun to learn new habits out of necessity. Long periods of sitting and forgetting bodily needs are no longer possible. 

I have renewed my membership on Blip, because I believe in what it stands for and I care about my fellow blippers, don't want to completely lose touch. But I will continue to be erratic. I may be gone for long periods as other things call for my attention. But I will continue to peep over whatever flower I am currently supping on and acknowledge our connection. I won't forget you.

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