blushing as roses do

We or rather I decided to get slightly more into the spirit of Halloween yesterday and stuck a pumpkin lantern outside. We had a couple of mini bags of chocolate to give away. It started at about 5.45 with the first couple of children , quite young, who just stood and said nothing. Their mum was hovering at a safe distance but was texting on her phone.
I gave the first one a packet sweets and went to give some to her brother.
' And what do you say?' I prompted
' I haven't got mine yet' he said. Oh no he wasn't going to proffer his thanks until he'd got the packet safely clutched in his hot little hand.
A bit later the second lot came . We were amazed . There were about a dozen of them of which only a few could cram into the doorway. We gave away several packets of goodies but still the rest hovered expecting something each. We explained that we would run out if they all had some. Perhaps you could share I ventured.
Anyway we had about five groups altogether , they had gone to a lot of effort and expense to get dressed up and made up for the occasion, but just as, I'm told repeatedly, there are no bad dogs just bad owners, I'm wondering if there are no greedy grasping thankless children and they get it from their parents.
Next year, no pumpkin and I'm going out!

Oh yes, it's a rose. Tiny Tuesday thanks Ninniex

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