But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

The Usual Suspects.

I’d recognise those faces anywhere, they’re members of our photographic club in Roslin Glen on a workshop with Laurie Campbell, though what they’re working on here is open to debate. It was a very good day out, the weather was ideal and we had an early start (well, it was early for members of the bus-pass set), in time to see the steam rising from the evaporating dew; but by the time we were ready to actually press the shutter release button, the best light had gone. However, it is a convenient location and I should be able to pop down early on almost any morning, it just remains to be seen whether I actually do so.
The one problem with working so close to home was that the numerous dog walkers (and their charges) passing by, instead of saying a polite “Hello” and continuing about their business, stopped to say “Hello Dave” before proceeding to enquire after my health and detail their own problems (and ask me to throw their balls).

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