Items from an Era

 ...............................................quite disparate eras as it happens. The phone from now and the wooden tongs from, as I remember the 70s.  Anyone ever come in contact with those tongs before ? Not many of you, I'll bet. 
So they are from before the days of the complete washing machine that washed, rinsed and spun your clothes. These are the tongs that were used to transfer the washing out of the washing bit of the "twin tub" in to the spinner of the machine. It was a palaver for sure especially as in my Mum's small kitchen the washing machine itself had to be brought out of its storage place in to the middle of the kitchen to wash and then spin the clothes.

Thank heavens we don't have to do that now although I would still advocate using a separate dryer as opposed to the machines which do the job all in a oner. They take forever.

I found this today and I'm even reluctant to throw it out now as you never know when you will need it !  That's usually the excuse for not throwing out except if it is of sentimental value.

Quite a bit of real de-cluttering done today. Phew I am getting quite brutal

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