Mar In Urbana

By MarMilner

A Man & His Puppy

I love this blip site. I never know what I'll come across to blip. On my way to the Dr. office today, I stopped to take some pictures of the clouds. I see this gentleman with a cane get out of his truck and walk around to the other side of the truck open the door and look in. Closes the door and goes back around to the drivers side. Then goes back to the passengers side and opens the door again, then back to the drivers side and gets in. By now I am thinking this guy must need help with something. So I pull up beside him get out and walk up to the truck and ask if he needs any help. No he says I just couldn't find my billfold. Now I see this lovely looking dog, Buddy2 with this sweet older gentleman, Howard. I ask if I could take their picture and he says SURE, but I can't let Buddy2 out of the car. I could easily see why. Buddy2 is only 6 months old and he wasn't sitting still for a second. He wanted out. I did manage to get one really good blip, I think. I told Howard I admired him for taking on a puppy. I did give him my blip card but he doesn't have a computer.

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