.... we had need to babysit Alice again today. Always a pleasure and a top day.

We came back out to our new home and on the way back detoured to show her the White Belted Galloway cows, and she wanted to use my camera to take a shot. So I set up for her then held it with her and she took some shots. This is the one she liked.

Then she wanted to take another shot!! 

What of I asked?? 

As she was looking up into the palm tree we were standing under. The leaves there Poppy!
So we setup camera and held with her as she directed where she wanted to take.

This is the result! Quite impressed we were, a real abstract and made it my Blip for her. So a "joint shot"!

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE 

.... AND, a really massive thanks for the wonderful comments and stars and favs to the sunset shot yesterday, feel bad that I am still to get fully back to commenting etc so thanks, shows just how super Blip is!

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