We had a long and hard day yesterday but thankfully the rain held off until this morning, so the back fence is all painted, the garden looks tidy and we are both happy.  Just the side fence to be painted now and the greenhouse to be cleaned and fumigated and we will be very happy. There is something about a tidy garden at the end of the summer that brings joy to the soul.

Mr. HCB had already told me yesterday afternoon when we finished that we would definitely not be doing anything in the garden today, so it’s a trip to John Lewis for our free coffee and cake and a wander round, then grocery shopping – and at the moment, the rain is lashing down, so we couldn’t do much outside anyway!

I had noticed this lovely rosebud yesterday on our Compassion rose – given to us by our very dear friends, Angie and Pete, when we were baptised back in 2001 - so I donned my anorak, having decided that my pink robe and slippers would not be a good idea in the pouring rain, and went out to cut it, so that I can enjoy it on the kitchen windowsill, where the geranium from last week’s Flower Friday is still blooming well.

I don’t usually mention the Popular page, as I’m not that bothered about it, if I’m happy with the photograph I’ve taken, that’s enough for me, but thank you to all of you who put my Wednesday and Thursday blips on there this week.

“I once read that love is like a rose: 
     we fixate on the blossom, 
          but it's the thorny stem 
               that keeps it alive and aloft. 
I think marriage is like that. 
The things of greatest value 
     are the things we fight for. 
And in the end, 
     if we do it right, 
          we value the stem 
               far more than the blossom.” 
Richard Paul Evans

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