... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Indoor Blip: Musical Day

More modern in large.

Digital synths by day, acoustic "chamber" jazz by evening...
I went to see Thomas Strønen's "Time Is A Blind Guide" with Bundle this evening. What an extraordinary ensemble: Thomas Strønen is the drummer (/band leader /composer) and is joined by a pianist, double bassist, cellist, and violinist... A rhythm section and a string trio collide. Here's a clip on YouTube.

First they created a knot of discordant tension, and out of the chaos emerged the most organic (Bundle's term) and magnificently morphing music. The instrumentalists would (seemingly) go their own separate ways before coming back together, weaving an intricate tapestry of chamber jazz. The Holywell Music Room was an excellent venue for their unusual blend of modern jazz and more traditional influences. The band talked briefly afterwards and it was interesting to hear a bit about what goes on behind the performance.

Thank you to Bundle for sharing the experience.

p.s. This synth is the Access Virus: it is digital (unlike the Moog) but is an "analog modelling synth", so functions in a similar way to traditional synthesisers... It is (arguably) less characterful than the Moog (it feels less alive), but is considerably more flexible, powerful, and reliable.

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