.... part one of the BIG effort by Walking Wombat complete!

A privilege to be around such a positive and worthwhile afternoon!

Barb and her team the "Step Sisters" are raising funds for Interplast, and today was the main event for the "money raising", and apparently their efforts so far have amassed a super result (thus far) of $6,671.

The BIG effort is still to come shortly (November 13th) THE Eureka Climb -Eureka Climb participants will ascend 1642 steps to level 88’s observation deck known as Eureka Skydeck (the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere). Eureka Climb is open to people aged 12 years and over and with walker and climber categories is open to all fitness levels!
Oh, and when asked Barb reported she would be taking the lift DOWN, after succeeding in their challenge.

All I can say, is damn good on you Barb and team, that is some challenge with the info indicating it is in the Worlds top 20 stair climbs for amount of steps. Not to late to wish her and team the best by way of support.

My pic ( taken on the 'bat phone") shows Barb with another "Champion" a recent Gold Medal winner Judy who has just won in the 10km walk at World Masters Athletic Championships in Perth.

Enjoy, and have look in LARGE

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