Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Exam Nerves

Well not really, she was just pulling faces to avoid a 'proper' photo. She was a little nervous, but not as bad as previously. I was helping so she had been there since 09.30 and her exam time was 2.30, I thought it might make the nerves worse, but she actually had fun seeing all her friends in their costumes (they were doing various medal exams) before lunch and then she could concentrate on herself.

She came out saying she made three mistakes, but through the keyhole I thought she looked beautiful and her teacher said she looked strong. Now we just have the indeterminate wait for results.

As a Grade 4 she gets to wear split soles and a strappy leotard. Her grumpiness at her perceived mistakes was lifted somewhat when I presented her with said strappy leotard. The shoes will wait until the first Sunday in December, when we can have a little trip to the various ballet shops around Covent Garden.

I was very proud to be a parent of a child at Hitchin School of Russian Ballet today. The children were all a credit to the school. The examiner said how she likes to come to use because the children are always so well drilled and know what they are doing.

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