By JuliaPrice

Minnie Mouse and Ezo.

One week before my birthday ....
I'd been missing Sugar & Spice, my two guinea pigs, again.
Sugar died nearly 2 months ago now, about the same amount of time after Spice. She was never the same after & I was sort of expecting it, they'd been together all their lives.
I often come in and still go to shout 'In a minute!' because they used to whistle and squeak very loudly, knowing they'd be getting a treat of some carrot or cucumber.
These little darlings shown here are my friend and neighbours 2 Tea cup Chihuahas, Minnie Mouse and Ezo.
I occasionally look after them for the day, dogs can be very therapeutic, calming and very loving (unconditionally). It is always a pleasure to have their company, they always make me laugh and cheer me up no end.

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