The second half of life..

By twigs

Gutter Trash

We go to work each day to earn some dough to buy 'food' that is slowly killing us.  And slowly killing our planet too.  

'We' weren't around as a 'civilised' society thousands of years ago and I have no reason to believe we'll be around in thousands of years to come.  Second thoughts - make that hundreds of years to come.  

In that short time we'll have choked, pickled, starved and poisoned both ourselves and the planet to death.  And big business will stand proudly waving their billions of 'success dollars' to a non-existent, deathly sick audience.  The only question that will remain will be what - if anything - will evolve from our self-destruction?  Will the planet be able to sustain a life-force?  Will the human race learn now whilst we still have a chance, or will it (we!) merrily continue the dance towards self-destruction?  I suspect the latter.  

Such is Monday.

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