By Arachne

Circle theorems

I often think that there can’t possibly be another picture for me to take, that I’ve already bled the Oxford stones as dry as I can, that there’s really no point taking the camera out with me, that today will be my first day without a blip.
Even so, through habit and fear, I took the camera with me when I went into town. And, as happens every day, there was something I hadn’t seen before. Today, at the middle-of-town edge of the Westgate Development building site, right where the library used to be, there was a new crane just about to lift a wonderful O. 
Up, up, up, swung slowly around, pause, stop, still, down, down, down another millimetre as the gloved hands of two construction workers eased it into place.
I have no idea why they are installing a vast concrete hole above the entrance to the new shopping centre (though I can think of a metaphor or two) but the grandiose banality of it was mesmerising. When, finally, it was correctly positioned, the orange-clad construction workers waiting and watching on the benches in Bonn Square got out their phones and recorded the elation (extra).

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