Guess Who Came for Dinner

I arrived home from acupuncture and errands and looked out the kitchen window. There on the deck railing was the Merlin juvenile Coopers Hawk or Sharp-shinned Hawk. (My biologist friend let me know that this is not a Merlin as they have dark eyes.) I've seen him once since then. I think he lives somewhere near here. Anyhow, there he (or she) was, sitting at the bird feeder, hoping that he might share have a meal with of whoever was partaking of the birdseed. No luck for him though. He flew off when I stepped out on the deck. (He had flown and come back so I scared him away. If I'd known, I'd have taken more photos.) I must admit that I find raptors really beautiful. I'd prefer they not feast on "my" birds, but hey! That's what they do. (As Arvin would say.) I was very lucky to get this close to him and grab a photo through the kitchen window.

Well today is the day, the USA election. I am unabashedly for Hillary Clinton and I really hope she wins. Tonight Arvin and I are going to a pot luck party with the rest of the Alzheimer's gang. The TV will be on and we will be watching. Living as far west as we do, we see the end of the election earlier than most. And we all vote by mail in this state so Arvin and I voted about a week ago. Fingers, toes, any other crossable part, all crossed! Come on Hillary!

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