By Tiebreaker

Beautyberry ...

The whole name is Bodinier's beautyberry with the scientific name Callicarpa bodinieri. The Latin specific epithet bodinieri refers to Émile-Marie Bodinier, a French missionary and botanist of the 19th century, who collected plants in China, where the plant initially came from. 

We've one such a plant in the backyard. As far as I noticed - in my backyard - it's visited by two species of birds, trush and starling. The beautifully purple colored berries are not poisonous, they are very bitter. For that reason it's said wildlife will not eat them until there are no other available food sources. Nevertheless, in the backyard other food's still available but the plant is usually stripped bare before the first snowflake falls ... ;-))

(Source: Wikipedia)

As usual best seen in large ...

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