Corporate Backyard....

In the backyard of the company I now work for you see this majestic volcanic mountain.. Taken on auto due to lack of time..

I met my boss today.. Taught two people how to use the company computer. Was teased relentlessly of being the old geezer in the class after the slide showing the national average of a driver in the industry ends at 16 years. Three reasons... Quit, permanently disabled or dies.. As of August 18, 2016 I started my 23rd year in my career.. 

I also got my truck assigned today. Due to experience and a perfect drive test I was the only one to get a 2015 truck.. Currently it is being detailed and if they get it ready tomorrow I could be on the road on Sunday... I got my first paycheck in a month too... 

Going to be nice to sleep in waiting for the phone call that the truck is ready.. 

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