Glitter, Dementia and Remembrance

I took my DAB radio to the club today so we could "listen" to the 2  minutes silence. I couldn't get a signal but we still acknowledged the silence.

We (Alzheimer's Support) have been asked to decorate a Christmas tree for one of the town churches. I have been collecting pine cones for a few months and, today,  a few ladies painted them with glue and covered them in glitter. Such simple pleasure was greeted with delight and laughter and was worth the mess created! 

The orange slices I dried for the same tree have gone mouldy! I must have put them away to soon. I shall have another go over the weekend.

My  boss made the Wiltshire Times but look at the headline (extra)!! 

I know I harp on about ballet (sometimes) but BBC2 tomorrow 8.30pm is Young Men - a wartime dance film by the Balletboyz. I have seen the stage version twice at Sadlers Wells and Keaton Henson's score is breaktaking. Florence was part of the production team so I have an added interest in it. Watch if you feel inclined! 

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