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 ............... Friday11  (FF11)

Once again I am late for my own challenge (taken late on the 11th after I got home but not uploaded until the 12th).

One of my bargain alstroemerias bought last Saturday for £1.20 and still looking good ...... it's also a trusty little torch photo!!
Aside from a small, black vignette and a finishing 'frame' it is as it came from my camera.

For those guessing in the WBBN silly quizzy thing on Thursday I was in Spain - Barajas near Madrid airport to be precise.  
Well done to Saltandvinegar for guessing the country correctly!!  :o))
(Tiny Tuesday was a set of small measuring spoons that I mirrored and then thought they looked a bit like an eight-eyed alien).

My flight back was even worse than my flight out - this time I had a family (Mum, Dad and two boys) around me.  Dad next to me and Mum and the boys in the row in front.   
Now, I know that airline etiquette is that the person in the middle seat has claim to the armrests but I wasn't aware that he had also claim to part of my space (and that of the guy sitting in the aisle seat) by pushing his elbow into my ribs or that he could put his foot under the seat in front of me and not in front of him (he wasn't even tall!!).
I had one boy in front of me and there was one in the middle seat next to him - the one in the middle (aged about 4) screamed and screamed and I mean REALLY screamed for virtually the whole two hours and ten minutes ...... he bounced about, threw himself on the floor, screamed some more then stood up on his seat and screamed at his Dad - when told to sit down he then spat at him!  Ugh!
I diplomatically asked if he was feeling ill but was told "No, he is just a very naughty boy who won't behave and has tantrums"  
Really??  I would never have guessed!   
Neither boy would put on their seatbelts and the flight attendant was losing his patience.  During the flight back the boy by the window just pushed the blind up and down the whole way, slamming it hard down every time!!  
Aaaargh.  Bring back the gentle little kicking girl I had on the way out!  Lol.

I got a lot of sympathetic looks when it came to getting off back in the UK and I think everyone from row 1 back to about row 9 (I was in 4) on both sides of the plane had had enough.
The joys of air travel - I would pay more to go on an adult-only flight!!

~ Anni ~

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