Spider's Web Plus 'Spiders' Webs'*

I waited for it to stop raining but it didn't so Jazzy and I went out looking for droplet bugs. I found a tiny spider sheltering under a huge raindrop that was caught in its web. I also photographed, on a bramble thorn, one of those midges that start dancing at this time of year when the sun comes out. My pics weren't great. :(

Jazzy flushed a muntjac deer and chased it for short while but came back when I called her. Resorting to the use of flash, I've captured a droplet web with my car in the background. I got a pic of a tiny froghopper on the paintwork but that wasn't all that either.

* Spiders' webs are swirl marks in the paintwork of a car. Something that concerns many but me not a jot. :)

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