Cross section, cross sections, sectioned, crossed.

As happens every now and again in this journal, it's "back to mono", with a not so habitual macro theme, for the week of 2016/11/13-19. Hang in there. Peace!

Oh, yeh, hey: the Blipfotobot informed me a few days back that I was heading to this "milestone" or "anniversary", but I just remembered after posting this, and being reminded by the aforementioned Bfbot that this post is #2,190.

All I can say, for the moment, is that, like events that affect "us" on a larger scale, I would not have been able to predict where "we" currently are, given the events that have led us to this place/situation.

Another thought would be that, for better or worse, audacity is the key to effect a sweeping sort of change, which works on any varied scale.


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