Mediterranean Wanderer

By monkeyhanger

Another project

The projects keep on happening....I saw this sorry state on ebay and as nobody felt like bidding against me, I scored it for £1 plus postage which took it to only £16 in total.  I could see it for what it was, which is a nice alloy frame with carbon forks and carbon seatstays.  There is a hairline crack in the headtube, which put others off, but as I am a welder by trade I won't have any problems there.  So I have some spare paint and have sourced some suitable decals to tidy the whole thing up a treat.  I have most of the other parts I am likely to need, so off we go again.

First job was to strip down the frame to bare parts and it took time to get the bottom bracket out as it has corroded in pretty tight.  WD40 for 3 days and a good bench vice and voila it is out.  I have an old Campagnolo Chorus 9 speed crank which now has a date with my bench polishing machine, so starting to think about 9 or 10 speed campag....we will see.  I have carbon seat post to compliment the carbon that is already on there.

Considering trying to copy this....

but need to find somewhere that I can do some spray painting so might need to wait for warmer weather or a kind person who wouldn't mind me using their garage.  I am planning on this being a series of Blips to capture progress so posted this poor ebay image.  Not a good image but hopefully my efforts will let me capture something more attractive.

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