Dutch Skies

By RonBuist


As mentioned yesterday, I lead a workshop today. With 10 participants, the workshop was fully booked. It was very cold this morning and because of the wind it felt even colder. I didn't expect much of the sunrise: the layer of clouds was just too thick. An unexpected yet very welcome surprise was the red showing in the first images of the day. I couldn't see the red with my own eyes but the sensors picked it up during the long exposures we all made.

All seemed to be going well, when the next unexpected thing happened: one of the participants suddenly fell ill. No need to go into detail here, but it was serious enough for me to leave the rest of the group and take the unfortunate photographer back to the parking lot. I had some hot tea in the car and after drinking and eating a bit he started feeling better: good enough to wait for the rest of us to finish our photography. When I had returned to the group, the beautiful red glow in the sky had disappeared. Everyone was very cold so we decided to all return to the parking lot. Today's image is one of only six photos I made this morning.

After we returned, the group sat down with a cup of coffee or tea, while I set up my laptop in the upstairs meeting room for the last part of the workshop: presentation and Q&A. That's when the last unexpected thing happened: the overhead projector didn't work. Luckily I knew there was a large LCD TV screen on a cart in the visitor center, so with a bit of improvisation we managed to overcome this too. In the end, everyone was happy with the workshop and all the information they received and so an eventful morning ended well.

The rest of the day was one of relaxation, with a great F1 race of Max Verstappen, passing 13 cars in the last 16 laps to finish in third position. The Dutch football team won as well. Nice!

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