High Moon

A beautiful, cold day.
I enjoyed a walk with Omo at the "Reinheimer Teich"
I discovered a lot of peculiar things, so used some extras:
First my entry for Mono Monday with the theme "cold"
Two storks seemed to have decided to stay in the cold North. So you get the opportunity to see fluffy storks who try to get warm feet and beaks.
Second is a Teddy bear cow. I never saw one before :-P
The third extra is a big group of goose just before landing. I'm very astonished how exactly and syncrone they fly!
And fourthly you can see a tractor with cain drive. I think it is the only way you can drive through this slushy ground.

My main blip is the supermoon.
I decides late to give it a go and I had to discover that my son had borrowed my car. Haha. So I hurried to another hill for a good view.
It was hazy, so I got no details but it was very impressive to see him rise over the hills (In the foreground is the "Forstberg" and the hill behind is the "Hering")
While I was struggeling with the settings, a man came to me and asked, if I would stay until it would be down. ??? Down??? Yes, until the sun would be disappeared behind the hills. Hahaha. The man really thought that he saw a nice sunset , not a moonrise :-D

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